SEPAC Representatives

Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Steering Committee

Lynne Andren, Out Placement

Catherine Bailey, Ox Ridge

Christine Blais, Out Placement

Tricia Bresnahan, MMS, co-chair

Sara Brown, DHS

Lindsay Clark, Ox Ridge

Courtney Darby, DHS, co-chair

Cathy DeGraaff, Out Placement

Kelly Dupont, MMS

Megan Girald, Tokeneke

Mimi Flynn, DHS

Alex Hall, Holmes

Wendy Hopper, Out Placement

Valerie Horne, Hindley

Suzanne Mancini, Out Placement

Kathryn Mann, Out Placement

Michelle Minton, Fitch Academy

Elisabeth Steinberg, Royle

Linda Straubel, DHS

Alexandra Taylor, Ox Ridge

Margarita Zimmerman, MMS

Jamie Zionic, Holmes, co-chair

If you would like to be contacted by your school representative, please send a request to:

The Darien Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) is an independent organization of parent volunteers committed to open communication and effective collaboration between the families of our community and the Darien Public Schools.