2020-2021 Presentations

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Transition Planning and College Readiness
Q& A Forum with Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 10:00- 11:00 AM. WEBINAR



Reading Progress & Dyslexia during the Pandemic 
National Reading Expert: Dr. Margie Gillis

WEBINAR: Zoom Recording

Join us for an educational presentation on understanding reading progress and dyslexia by reading expert, Dr. Margie Gillis. Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)/Dyslexia affects 80% of those diagnosed with learning disabilities. 

In the current environment, many parents are struggling to understand if their child is making progress. What do parents and educators need to know to help students reach their full potential? From identification and instruction to advocacy and empowerment, Dr. Margie Gillis will discuss the process of getting the best support for every child who needs it and will answer your questions. The presentation is co-sponsored by Darien SEPAC and Darien Library. Margie B. Gillis, Ed.D is a nationally recognized literacy expert and a Certified Academic Language Therapist who has been teaching children of all ages to read for over 40 years. 

Post High School and College Planning for Students on the
 Helping Our Students Prepare for Their Future and Find the
Right Path
Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD
WEBINAR: Zoom Recording 

Transitioning from high school to college or employment can be difficult for any student, but especially for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The structure and predictability provided in high school are gone. The social and academic supports these students may have relied on during their high school years are suddenly removed. The organization, communication, social, and “life” skills required in a college or employment setting are heightened. Our role as “parent” changes legally when our “child” turns 18.

For all these reasons, it is important to encourage students with ASD to develop critical academic, social, and life skills while in high school so they can transition to college or employment successfully. Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD, Director of College Autism Spectrum and former Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale Child Study, will provide helpful tips for how to help our students develop the necessary skills for life beyond high school and plan for college and employment.

More about Jane Thierfeld Brown

Co-sponsored by SPED*NET WiltonWilton Public SchoolsWilton SEPTA, and Darien SEPAC

SPED*NET Wilton does not provide medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The material in this webinar is provided for educational purposes only.

A Conversation with CSDE Division Director of Special Education, Bryan Klimkiewicz, and CPAC Co-Director, Jane Hampton-Smith 

Please join us for a special presentation by CT State Department of Education (CSDE), Division Director of Special Education, Bryan Klimkiewicz, and Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) Co-Director Jane Hampton-Smith.

They will discuss the most up-to-date state education guidance and regulations regarding Covid-19 and delivery of special education. In addition, they will share guidance, resources, and supports available to parents to help their children during this challenging time.  


Anxiety & Coping with COVID
Child Mind Expert: Dr. Jerry Bubrick
December 3, 7:30 – 8:30 PM, Webinar

Jerry Bubrick, PhD, is a senior clinical psychologist in the Anxiety Disorders Center and director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Service at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. Featured in media such as The New York Times,Newsweek, The Washington Post and ABC Primetime, Dr. Bubrick is a sought-after expert and speaker.  Dr. Bubrick has also appeared in the highly acclaimed films, Like and Angst.  This event is co-sponsored by Darien SEPAC and Darien Library.

2019-20 Presentations

Reading, Writing & Remote Classrooms

On May 28, Lori Ritvo, DPS Assistive Technology Coordinator, presented “Assistive Technology Tips for E-Learning.”

The presentation, to support parents and students at home through e-learning, includes reading and writing tools, tips for navigating Google classroom and an overview of e-learning resources.

The resource links can be found in the presentation.

Click here for the presentation slides.

Preparing Incoming 6th Grade Students with Special Education Services & 504 Plan Accommodations for Middlesex Middle School
February 28 at 9:30, Middlesex Middle School

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ADHD, Anxiety and Mood Disorders: Best Practices for Evaluation and Medical Management, Dr. Peter McAllister
January 23 at 7:15 PM at Darien Library Community Room

TV 79 Darien Video – ADHD, Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Social Anxiety & Generalized Anxiety Disorder: When Anxiety interferes with performance and relationships
Child Mind Institute expert, Dr. Jerry Bubrick

January 8 at 12 PM, Darien Library Community Room

Bubrick_When to Worry_Darien SEPAC_01.2020 – Read-Only
Darien Library Video – Social Anxiety & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

ADHD & Executive Functioning: Strategies to Identify and Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills, Mary Murphy, Ph.D.
October 10 at 1:30 PM, Darien Library Community Room

Darien Library Video – ADHD & Executive Functioning

DPS Special Education Budget & Strategic Planning Discussion
Superintendent, Dr. Alan Addley and BOF Chairman, Jon Zagrodzky

November 18 at 7:15, Darien Library Community Room

TV 79 Darien Video – SEPAC Strategic Planning Discussion

The Myth of Normalcy:  Empowering Students with Learning Differences, Jonathan Mooney
September 10 at 7:15, Darien Library Community Room

TV 79 Video – The Myth of Normalcy