The Evaluation Process

An Understanding of Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Evaluations
Tuesday, February 28, Noon to 2:00 PM
Board of Education Boardroom, 35 Leroy Ave.

Please RSVP:

Please join us on Tuesday, February 28th, 12-2 PM for our upcoming meeting on testing and evaluations. The IDEA provides the authorization for a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation to be conducted by certified personnel to assess current levels of a student’s cognitive, academic, and linguistic functioning as recommended by the PPT.

The presentation will foster an understanding of standardized assessments that are conducted and how current levels of cognitive, linguistic, and academic functioning impact teaching and learning in the classroom and student performance.

Dr. Terry D’Elisa, School Psychologist, DHS
Ms. Christine Pochetti, Speech and Language Pathologist, MMS
Ms. Carolyn Hoette, SESS Facilitator, Tokeneke